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Manunggal Enggal Gumregah” or EMEGE Research Consulting was established on June 29, 2019 and the main office is in Yogyakarta. As an organizational approach is to prioritize the principles of a collaboration between consultant and client or client’s centered and satisfaction, the ideas and inputs from both sides to develop a proper design and implementation plan is possible. This is in line with the spirit or organizational values of “Manunggal Enggal Gumregah”, which is Manunggal (be allied) to organize the ideas and implementation; Gumregah (be revived) to execute the implementation plan, and Enggal (right away) according to the planned.

As a new entrant in research consulting, EMEGE has begun to amass a portfolio of key documents in health policy. EMEGE has positioned itself as an agile and expertise-driven organization providing quality services in planning, design, and implementation of research projects in a collaborative atmosphere. EMEGE approach essentially attempts to identify critical policy questions to every research goal that clients put forward and answer these with scientific rigor, thereby aligning the client’s objective with the priority domains of development in the province or in Indonesia.

EMEGE has an extensive network of partners, tapping into the special expertise from a well- maintained roster of experts in public health and social science, owing to the enduring experience of its members in research in multiple honorary or professional affiliations at universities or research centers. Since its inception, EMEGE has partnered with the Health Office of Yogyakarta City, YAKKUM Rehabilitation Center, and the Netherland Leprosy Relief to promote a rights-based approach to health care for people living with disabilities and in neglected tropical disease.

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